Welcome to Woodyland B2B

Woodyland manufactures and produces its own portfolio of mainly wooden toys under the brand Woody. Lumpin brand consists of plush animal toys and gift items. Niny brand are our baby toys and Plastica is our new brand of plastic building blocks, foam mats and much more.

With its own line of Woody, the company continues to build on the more than a hundred-year-long domestic tradition of wood-making toys, which is constantly modernized by us.

Woody's main focus are on toys that will improve children´s motor skills, combinatorics, logical thinking and simple puzzle completion.

Recommended products

Tříkolka Pája - zelená

Code: 10994724
Retail: € 87,99
New Moje Beruška Newly on stock

Mercury - Beetles - Bee, 55 pieces

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Retail: € 7,49
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Fire truck with sounds and lights

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Puzzle- for the smallest ones with handles - pets with their young

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Memory game- flags

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Car School bus with sounds and lights

Code: 102192050
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mCar 01 l.e.

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Bunny Cappucino, 36cm

Code: 104594203
Retail: € 12,99
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