Prior to confirming the receipt of goods from the selected transport company the Buyer is advised to check whether the shipment is not damaged as a result of the transport. If so, it is recommended to inspect the shipment closer whether the goods inside are damaged. The Buyer is advised to immediately inform both the transport company as well as the Seller about any damage to the goods that occurred during the transport, however within two business days after the receipt.

To make sure the complaint is processed smoothly the following conditions apply:

If it is necessary to lodge a complaint about the goods, please notify the Seller of the detected defects as soon as possible by e-mailing to, or calling or writing to the address specified below, along with the following basic information:

  • specify the goods that are subject to the complaint
  • reason for the complaint
  • date of purchase


Okružní 781
250 81, Nehvizdy
Czech Republic

phone: +420 321 740 130
fax: +420 321 740 110

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover defects caused by regular wear and tear, improper use of the product, mishandling and inappropriate storage.

The goods that are subject to complaint must be returned along with the receipt. If a manufacturing defect is confirmed, the goods will be exchanged or the amount paid refunded. The refunded amount does not include postage and packing charges.

If the damage occurs during transportation, it is the transport company that is liable for the incurred damage. The warranty period for goods sold is generally 24 months from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise.

Complaints Rules

  1. The complaints will be processed pursuant to the Complaints Rules of the e-shop and pursuant to the provisions of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, including the conflict with the Purchase Agreement pursuant to Section 13 of the Act No. 634 Coll.
  2. If the ordered goods are delivered by any of the contractual transport companies, the Buyer is advised to check the goods for any defects caused by transport. If so, the Buyer is advised not to accept the goods and write up a damage report with the transport company. 
  3. Upon delivering the goods to the given address the Buyer shall check the delivered goods immediately upon receipt from the delivering person and any apparent defects shall be subject to an immediate complaint lodged with the Seller. Any subsequent complaint regarding incompleteness or external damage to the shipment does not mean the Buyer is not entitled to lodge a complaint, but it provides an opportunity to the Seller to prove it does not concern a conflict with the Purchase Agreement.
  4. The length of the warranty period is, pursuant to the Civil Code, 24 months, unless specified otherwise. 
  5. The warranty periods start upon the Buyer's receipt of the goods. 
  6. If the delivered goods are defective and a complaint is justifiable, the Buyer shall notify the detected defects in writing to the following address: Olymptoy, s.r.o., Okružní, Nehvizdy, 250 81. To speed up the communication it is possible to send the notice to the following e-mail:
  7. After having received the notice, the Buyer will be informed about the method of processing the complaint. 
  8. If the complaint is found justifiable, the repaired or new goods will be sent to the customer at the expense of the Seller. The goods sent to lodge a complaint may not be sent as COD - the shipment will not be accepted. 
  9. Scope of warranty - the Seller is not liable for damage incurred by unprofessional handling, failure to follow the user manual and by mechanical damage.